Budding Innovations (BI) is a Singapore headquartered Venture & Business Builder, and supports Corporations, SMEs, Startups and Entrepreneurs to develop and implement in-market solutions. We partner to define the key needs, and integrate fitting solutions that enable companies to realise all key opportunities. Founded in 2015, and bringing together decades of DeepTech Open Innovation experience, BI works with dozens of large global multi-national corporates in Future-Proofing their innovation strategies, and taking key ideas forward through development and scaling towards the B2B and/or B2C market. BI also works with numerous startups to spin out, to scale-up and to expand & internationalise.


BI advocates that “Health is Wealth”, and specialises in Preventative Health technologies. Spanning from functional nutrition & care, to physical and mental well-being. Across consumer goods, to devices and digital services.


Our vision is that by operating at the intersection of large multinationals and startups, we build more productive and transformative innovations, and foster an ecosystem that leverages the best in Open Innovation approaches.

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Our Core Values

We encourage creativity, and innovation leadership

We are science-based and love to make things happen

We are unbiased and neutral

We earn and maintain the trust of our clients and partners 

We treat customer businesses as our own

We pay it forward, by building a better today, for a brighter future


Our Mission

We address unmet needs by designing & developing sustainable products and businesses.

We take promising technologies and passionate innovators under our wings and nurture them until they are ready to make a meaningful impact.

We work across all stakeholders and capability partners to integrate propositions and deliver end-to-end solutions.


The BI Logo Explained

The BI Name

Lotus Symbolism

BI colors represent higher meaning of the Chakra colors