Enhanced Healthcare outcomes & improved lifestyles by leveraging the power of connected devices

Eating well and staying physically active are generally seen as simplest things everybody can do to stay generally healthy. But with lifestyles changing, through urbanisation, longer life expectancy, more demanding professional life, environmental pressures, nutritional changes,.... these simple steps seem harder to realise than ever. Too often recently individuals end up in a ‘care’ context for symptoms or diseases that have a rooting in Lifestyles. At the interface between lifestyle and data analytics, more and more opportunities are arising to drive positive [preventative] health impact. Whenever we have new means to measure, integrate, analyse and interpret data we take steps towards an

Ironmans & Startups; Bert Grobben on AsiaTechPodcast

This was recorded ages ago, but still very relevant today! Thanks Graham for the opportunity to share about my journey in my after-Corporate life. It's been all about Entrepreneurship & Ironman. While it's definitely the longest interview I've ever done, it is now a great digital record of my learnings and insights. It's a pleasure to share with anyone out there being daunted to even start their own journey, or to my fellow entrepreneurs & athletes to recognise maybe similar experiences. To anyone taking the time to listen, please reach out with thoughts, comments and/or questions. Let's do this.

BI to become a MindSphere Silver Partner

Today BI is pleased to announce that it has made a major step forward in providing access to solid Industrial IoT capabilities and resources. As we build out our Lifespan Health vision, we operate increasingly more intimately at the interface between the physical and digital worlds, while a growing number of opportunities need to be connected. Our portfolio contains programs with leading Fortune 500s and regional multinationals in delivering innovative Brand Portfolios, as well as a wide range of SMEs, start-ups and innovators in predominantly Lifespan Health, Nutrition/Food, Life Science, MedTech and Wellness domains. For Start-ups in particular, BI has core expertise in taking them to full

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