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SECOM ANSHIN Innovation Challenge 2021

Can your startup contribute to the safety and ANSHIN (peace of mind) of society? Can you improve today’s security systems and services?

Established in 1962, SECOM is recognized as Japan’s first security services provider and is currently active in 18 countries and territories. SECOM provides comprehensive and advanced security services for both personal and business use.

SECOM ANSHIN Innovation Challenge is calling on global startups to present their ideas to make the world safer than ever. The main theme of this year's challenge is “Ultimate ANSHIN (Peace of Mind) Beyond Boundaries”. If your startup has a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is applicable to the categories below, we want to hear from you!

Join now via one of the following categories:

  • Physical/Cyber Security Innovation:

Can your startup tackle the constantly changing landscape and demands of cyber/physical security?

  • Healthcare Innovation:

Is your startup aiming to alleviate mental and physical health issues through healthtech, Digital Health, Medtech, Mental Health and Wellness-based solutions?

  • With/After Covid-19 Innovation:

Does your startup have technologies that can optimise the workplace safety, logistics and management in a post-Covid era?

  • Wild Card:

Can your startup provide a non-category related solution to improve society’s peace of mind?

SECOM ANSHIN Innovation Challenge is a partner competition of SLINGSHOT 2021. Winning and shortlisted teams are eligible for the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize of $30k SGD Startup SG Grant

  • Grand Prize of $10k SGD from SECOM

  • Fast-track to SLINGSHOT 2021 Top 100 Global Startups and participation in the SLINGSHOT 2021 Grand Finals! Winners can take away over $1M SGD in grant and cash prizes.

  • Top 20 Startups: Discussions for collaboration with SECOM

  • Top 5 Startups: Possibilities of Pilot testing with the SECOM

Join us before 12th September HERE and bring peace of mind to society.

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