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Budding Innovations and Lafiny Technologies Set Up a Joint Subsidiary Company To Accelerate Deep Tec

Budding Innovations and Lafiny Technologies have been closely working together in supporting both innovators and corporate Fortune 500 clients to deliver breakthrough materials and packaging based innovations. Both companies are committed to drive further capability growth, and develop a future organization that continues to support the Singaporean, ASEAN and global technology innovation ecosystems, as well as delivering value-added solutions for our corporate clients. To that extent, BI and LT are pleased to announce the setup of ‘Budding Innovations Product Integration Pte. Ltd’, as a subsidiary company in the BI group. BI Product Integration will extend LT’s Bangalore capability base into Singapore, and seamlessly integrate it into the end-to-end solutions development model of BI. The new entity will focus on tapping into the high value added engineering skills in Singapore as we continue to build out the organization, and add capabilities into our innovation approach.

About Budding Innovations.

Budding Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore headquartered firm that focuses on Technology Commercialization by closing the maturity gap between new innovations and the needs of the market and its customers. The firm specializes in working with early to more matured stage technology owners, and translates the technology’s potential into a full go-to-market strategy, and the hands-on execution thereof. BI effectively takes technology to market and plays an active role in the end-to-end commercialization, through its bespoke strategic capability partner ecosystem, and wide market opportunity access. BI drives commercialization through eventually transferring appropriately matured programs to a corporate client, into a (self-)managed start-up, or driving a technology portfolio approach on behalf of our clients. Technology verticals center around Advanced materials, CleanTech, Life Sciences and MedTech. BI also engages on Corporate Entrepreneurship programs, and offers entrepreneurial internship programs to young entrepreneurs, grows their skill sets and contributes towards building a vibrant start-up scene in Singapore.

About Lafiny Technologies

Lafiny Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore (India) headquartered firm that offers a full spectrum product design capabilities. Lafiny Technologies provides specialized services for the product/package design and development life cycle with commercialization and scale up. These services includes product & package conceptual design, product and package engineering (structural and thermal), Modeling & Simulation based on Finite Element Analysis, scale modelling for mock up evaluation and rapid prototyping, digital prototyping, tool design & qualification, packaging & packing line qualification. Lafiny Technologies provide turnkey solutions for packaging simplification, benchmarking, productivity enhancement & simplification through digital innovation platforms. Lafiny Technologies is a Tier 1 partner for Microsoft and Dell, and brings a wide capability and expertise access to closely support customer programs. Lafiny Technolgies has a dedicated manufacturing & assembly facility for supporting Digital economy through breakthrough business automation solution.

For media inquiries at Budding Innovations please contact: Dr. Bert Grobben


For media inquiries at Lafiny Technologies please contact:

Bhanu Prakash


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