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Budding Innovations participates at ACE start-up career fair to attract local talents

On 30th March 2017, a career fair for start-ups - organised by the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) - drew attention from over 1000 participants looking for start-up jobs.

Budding Innovations participated at the ACE start-up career fair in order to look for local, dynamic and results-oriented talents to join our growing team. The engagement around the BI booth was very active and the over response very positive. Over coming weeks BI will be participating in more events and activities to nurture the local start-up scene and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs.

At BI, we believe that a diverse skill set is key to delivering successes, and that building the next generation of innovators requires hands-on experience on ‘real’ projects under the guidance of our senior management team. Our internship program is developed to offer individuals and/or teams the chance to gain experience, while allowing the projects to benefit from the specific expertise and mindset the interns bring. Coming out of the internship program, the individuals will have gained critical experience to be more confident and successful in their own future endeavor, or have a chance to find full time employment at BI or one of our subsidiaries.

More information about BI's internship programs & open positions can be found on the BI Website.

More information about the ACE startup carerr fair can be found on the Channel News Asia Website

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