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BI enhances functional integration

BI prides itself on the fact that it's a horizontally integrated venture building firm, addressing all executional aspects of taking technology to market. We are constantly building and upgrading our bespoke networks, partnerships and capabilities. As a fast growing firm, we face a constant need for new innovative thinking, and a ever higher need to operate as a seamlessly integrated organisation.

We took a big step forward by making 2 critical additions to the Leadership Team.

We are integrating Design thinking into the leadership team. This step is also coinciding with an expansion of the Design organisation into China.

Talent, and interpersonal skills are at the core of all we do. To further nurture our talents, and grow the teams, we have added dedicated Human Capital capabilities.

Ms. Sabine Wenter is passionate about building high performing teams and organizations. As a senior business leader and partner for organizational landscaping she is recognized for establishing and shaping talent management frameworks to support and drive organizational growth initiatives in start-ups as well as SMEs and MNCs (Omicron electronics, Alstom, Ingersoll Rand, KPMG). Sabine brings a blend of consulting and corporate leadership experience to this role. She delivers major impact to organizations by implementing innovative learning and performance management concepts, as well as data-driven strategies to guide business and people development decisions. Sabine carries an engineering degree in Interior Design, a bachelor’s degree in Vocational Education and a master’s degree from University of Innsbruck, Austria in Economics and Organizational Development.

Guohua Pan a.k.a. "VJ". Trained as first an industrial designer then a design manager, VJ started his career in the Gillette/Braun ID team as a product design project coordinator based in Shanghai, China. Through years of organization change within P&G, he has enjoyed multiple roles in the whole new product development cycle: rear-end design-manufacture coordinator, external design resource manager, mainstream product designer, prototype lab manager, front-end innovation concept designer, future design researcher. VJ was exposed to the tremendous knowledge base and the best of class design practice from Gillette, Braun and many other brands he served. These experiences, coupled with his natural interest in technology, material and engineering, enabled VJ to approach any industrial design subject from a deeply futuristic yet practical perspective.

Together we keep building towards our vision of becoming a recognized leader in delivering globally impactful technology based solutions, for a better Life, a better Environment, a better World.

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