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Agilis Design is expanding from Singapore into China!

Budding Innovation and Agilis Design proudly announce that they have established a ground team, 深圳艾极力思工业设计公司, in Shenzhen (China). This expansion significantly enhances our capability and client access by embedding an organisation in the vibrant and fast growing Shenzhen ecosystem. We will actively look to expand our partnership to fully leverage the sizeable opportunities in the Chinese market. Supported by the well-developed technical ecosystem in South China, Agilis Design’s local team will first focus on hardware and material related programs, for China but also the wider Budding Innovations portfolio.

Agilis Design Pte. Ltd. provides full spectrum design services for innovations in a high technology context. The firm is specialised in devices and packages, and extends into a wider range of prototyping and business building design elements. Agilis Design is a seamlessly integrated strategic partner of Budding Innovations. Agilis Design's Founder VJ, is the Design Director in Budding Innovation, and oversees all Design related matters in their portfolio.

Budding Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Venture Building firm that focuses on Technology Commercialization by closing the maturity gap between new innovations and the needs of the market and its customers. BI effectively takes technology to market and plays an active role in the end-to- end commercialization, through its bespoke strategic capability partner ecosystem, and wide market opportunity access. BI drives commercialization through eventually transferring appropriately matured programs to a corporate client, into a (self-)managed start-up, or driving a technology portfolio approach on behalf of our clients. Technology verticals centre around Advanced materials, CleanTech, Life Sciences and MedTech. BI also engages on Corporate Entrepreneurship programs, and offers entrepreneurial internship programs to young entrepreneurs, grows their skill sets and contributes towards building a vibrant start-up scene in Singapore.

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