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Actualyzed wins 3rd place in the CIRCLE™ pitching competition

A big congratulations goes to Actualyzed, won participated in the CIRCLE™ Pitching competition, and came home with a very well deserved 3rd place.

KiDS™, the initial Lifestage Brand of Actualyzed, was born with the hopes of inspiring and developing generations of champions with a passion for sport and a lifelong love for active lifestyles. Please follow the link below to learn more about KiDS™

Judges represented by:

Nikhil Kapur, GREE Ventures Khai Lin Chua, Fundnel Daren Tan, Golden Equator Hideki Fujita, Segnel Ventures Michael Blakey, Cocoon Capital Dr Eddy Lee, Coffee Ventures Dr Rex Yeap, Bansea


Assembling a mix of 200 entrepreneurs and investors, CIRCLE™ sets out to ignite and nurture the ecosystem and lifecycles of entrepreneurship. During this half-day event, startups and investors alike will get opportunities to network amongst each other, with pitching sessions held in between for startups to present their best ideas to renowned judges. Panel discussions regarding the regional startup ecosystem will be held, followed by a Q&A with investors to find out what they are looking for in entrepreneurs.

Platform E (by SIM) is an entire entrepreneurship ecosystem offering a unique blend of knowledge, industry practicum, mentorship, incubation, start-up business support, and funding.

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