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BI gets appointed as Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) for the SG Founder Grant scheme

Effective May 1st 2018, BI is appointed by Enterprise Singapore as an Accredited Mentor Partner for the Startup SG Founder Grant scheme. With this new role, BI assists to administer and promote the grant of $30k SGD for first time Singaporean Founders.

BI is excited with this appointment, as it enables us to work with more first-time entrepreneurs, and support them through the early days of their journey. BI is active in talent development and technology commercialisation since 2015. This appointment comes as a recognition of the impacts we have made so far, and serves as an opportunity to do much more.

About the SG Founder Grant:

Startup SG Founder provides mentorship and startup capital grant to first-time entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Enterprise Singapore will match $3 for every $1 raised by the entrepreneur.

Enterprise Singapore has appointed Accredited Mentor Partners (AMP) that will identify qualifying applicants based on the uniqueness of business concept, feasibility of business model, strength of management team, and potential market value. Upon successful application, the AMP will assist the startups with advice, learning programs and networking contacts.

More on the Startup SG Founder Grant scheme:

BI is committed to support the startup in a meaningful manner, and with applied programs. We will work with the Founder in several ways, to make the mentoring journey as relevant and progress driven as possible.

For application related matters, or for more on what BI can do for you, reach out to us at

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