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Nebula, a hands-on learning program for the next generation Entrepreneurial Innovators, is now open

Building from its internal career development program, and based on the day-to-day entrepreneurial innovation processes, BI has launched Nebula™, the first of its kind Apprenticeship learning program.

Nebula™ is:

  • A focused hands-on program where the brightest minds in innovation collaborate to exchange ideas and create new solutions. The vibrant learning style includes bite-sized lectures, business casework, and engagement with industry partners.

  • Nebula is backed by Budding Innovation’s proven business design practice and methodical approach.

  • Apprentices graduate with deep knowledge, toolkits and practical experience in end-to-end solution creation.

Nebula™ is open to all innovators. You can apply as an individual or as a corporate team. We have structured the program is such a way you can come onboard as a corporate team working on your own problem statement, make significant development progress, while learning a new skillset. Likewise, individuals with experience in innovation can sign up to work on real-life industry problems while retooling themselves with Entrepreneurial Innovation skills.

To find out more about Nebula™, click here, or the image below.

A Nebula™ is where stars are born, with each one being unique. Their formation process is one of a kind, and leads to a diverse aggregate of properties and characteristics. Although governed by universal laws, the individual process is dependent on the star's experience of the universe as it comes into being.
BI’s program to develop Entrepreneurial and Innovator [Entrovator] skills is exactly that. Elevated from our internal BI career development program, we designed Nebula™ as an experiential apprenticeship program.
Guided by principles, anyone with a passion or desire for Entrepreneurial Innovation [Entrovation] can find a suitable entry level in Nebula™ to start learning by doing. We will even create an entry level just for you! Just come and talk to us.

Welcome to Nebula™

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