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Innovate with locals, Innovate for locals - Social InnoFest 2018

Many hackathons and innovation movements have been organised high level by large organisations or companies. But at Leng Kee YEC, they believe that every person or organisation, big or small, should have the chance to benefit from social innovation. No challenge statement is too small to warrant a new angle to re-examine it. This gave rise to their first-ever ground-up social innovation event, the SIF 2018! Every problem, every challenge statement you see in SIF 2018 is a collection of the various issues faced by various resident groups or beneficiaries in their local area. Leng Kee YEC gives every challenge statement a chance, and to develop an idea or a solution to solve it.

On Sept 8-9th 2018, BI volunteers will join Social InnoFest 2018, as mentors, judge, and as masters in taking Ideas to Execution. We specialise in taking technologies to market, and building successful companies around them. When we apply our expertise onto Hackathons, we are particularly experienced at taking PoP ideas to MVP products later on, before they enter into the full Cradle to Unicorn lifecycle. For Social InnoFest 2018 we relish the opportunity to add our expertise to the teams, and help make a [Social] impact for the local community.

For more details, please visit the event site here.

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