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Elemental Concept (EC) and Budding Innovation (BI) are excited to share that we have entered into a multi-year partnership that brings together our cutting edge capabilities in digital and physical solutions delivery.

Both firms strive to develop and deliver the right-sized solutions for clients whether they are start-ups, SMEs or larger corporates from a deep understanding of the original problem to design a development path that delivers unique value. Both partners also share a common vision towards structuring each deal in a way that the economics benefit all parties involved.

We have found in BI the same core values and approach to working with our customers. That is by providing the distilled solution - keeping everything as focused as possible. We have found that this plus a willingness to experiment with uncertainty creates a spark so that we can produce something different and special,” said Bimal Shah, CEO of EC.

EC and BI are similar in so many ways, that coming together and join forces to deliver sustainable impact for our clients was a natural choice.” said Dr. Bert Grobben, CEO from Budding Innovations. “As our world is more interconnected than ever, and new meaningful products and services have both physical and digital elements, we see 2 very complementary skillsets, and mindsets, coming together here. We look forward to jointly build our vision with the fabulous EC team.

Besides working directly with their clients and respective portfolios, EC and BI additionally plan to develop joint capabilities and infrastructure for the benefit of entrepreneurs in Singapore. Each team will bring in the right know-how and resources to combine virtual and physical concepts and ideas into products and services that create real value. Coinciding with EC’s expansion into Asia, we saw wide synergies in what we are building, how we aspire to bring new products and services to market, and create a positive and lasting impact in Singapore and the region.

About Elemental Concept (

EC is a strongly Asia focused business consultancy, software developer, startup builder and investor. Headquartered in London, with long established ties to Asia, EC has recently established a Singapore office to boost regional presence. We leverage the full stack of latest digital technologies and methodologies to help startups and multinationals create or change markets. The EC team has strong backgrounds to deliver and run smart digital solutions, AI, blockchain and data-science projects, along with experts in design and consultancy to enable our clients and partners to generate longterm value in our partnerships. Maintaining partnerships and client solutions go hand in hand with focusing on reducing to the max.

EC focuses on understanding unmet customer needs and enable clients to pursue their most valuable visions as part of their elemental concept. The approach is shaped by the persuit of the distilled core proposition of new technologies, products and services which the clients will launch. As a partner, EC is focused on creating sustainable value for their clients and pursues opportunities where the visions and ways of doing business promise potential for lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

EC believes digital technology is fundamentally transforming all industries and works in diverse, collaborative teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions along and, if valuable, co-locates with their partners from across industries and geographies. It is at the core of EC’s approach to combine strong domain knowledge and deep functional expertise to create sustainable value .

About Budding Innovations (

BI is a Singapore-headquartered horizontally integrated Venture Builder, that focuses on Technology & Product Commercialization by maturing and developing new opportunities towards scalable in-market solutions. It operates on an « Outside-In » and « One-to-Many » Innovation model that enables efficient integration and execution of emerging possibilities across broad technologies and entities.

BI specializes in all product aspects in Deep Tech, and company de-risking based on a Technology and Business Model Due Diligence and the follow through maturation and execution framework. BI is working with leading Fortune 500s and regional multinationals in delivering innovative Brand Portfolios, as well as a wide range of SMEs, start-ups and innovators in predominantly Lifespan Health, Nutrition/Food, Life Science, MedTech and Wellness domains (hereinafter “Industry Verticals”). For Start-ups in particular, BI has core expertise in taking them to full product readiness stage, scale-up, and commercial market launch & expansion. Beyond product development, BI recently launched Nebula™, an apprentice program that focuses on entrepreneurial talent development.

BI brings broad applied talent development & deployment skills to Start-up teams and companies, to support in developing the business plan, and get the companies ahead towards the next fundable stage(s), but also to enable multinational companies to drive more efficient applied Innovation processes. BI has a strong commitment to develop more talent development capabilities to support a growing number of start-ups and deliver increasing innovation productivity among corporate teams.

BI has a strong Singapore foothold, and is expanding its capability, client and start-ups networks globally. Expansion and technology import/export enables value creation for companies, and talented individuals. BI aims to build close international partnerships to cross fertilize opportunities between innovation ecosystems.

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