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BI to actively engage during CIS2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

BI is actively engaged in Entrepreneurial and Corporate Innovation skills development. Our Nebula™ program has been specifically designed to deliver a Hands-on talent delvelpment program. Develop your [team's] skills, alongside pushing ahead with actual innovation delivery.

We're very excited to participate in the first ever experiential Corporate Innovation Workshop where we'll be delivering elements of the Nebula™ program. We'll be participating in 2 panel discussions, and delivering 2 focused workshops. Details below.

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$600 off the full price Inner-Circle ticket with code 'RISEINNER'

Both Wesley Boers and myself will be there to actively participate with 2 workshops and 2 panel discussions.

1) Panel Discussion [Dr. Bert Grobben]: "The Future of Accelerators in SEA...."

2) Fireside Chat [Mr. Wesley Boers]: "Why Human Centric Design Works"

3) Workshop [Dr. Bert Grobben]: "Corporate Entrepreneurial Innovation"

Large corporations drive significant Socioeconomic impact through the products and services they market. Powerful brands make in-use experiences better with each innovation that goes to market. However, in an ever changing market & competitive landscape, and where customers & consumers needs are evolving faster than ever, it is increasingly challenging bring meaningful innovations to market that also meet bottom & topline financial growth requirements. Open Innovation (OI) approaches have been around for a while to enable big corporates to identify and leverage new ideas and technologies developed by smaller, nimble and fast moving entrepreneurs and technologists. OI is inherently complex and difficult, as partners with very different views come together to [co-]create new solutions.

In this workshop, we will touch on techniques and approaches to enable big corporates to innovate more like an Entrepreneur. You will learn skills and adopt a mindset that you can take back immediately to innovate more productively, and profitably. You will also gain insights on how to partner with Incubators, Accelerators, Capital Sources and others, for support on the process of new innovation adoption and commercialisation.

4) Workshop [Mr. Wesley Boers]: "Seed of innovation" - First & foremost understanding the problem statement of your customer.

Instinctively we like being problem solvers, zooming in on the solution, focusing hard to make it the best fit ever, often falling in love with it along the way. It is however absolutely critical we validate the right problem before we start working on the right solution.

This hands-on interactive workshop will share some fundamental insights and approaches on how to validate the problem statement without falling in the solution trap. Participants will walk away with increased awareness & ready-to-use tools to create the right mindset & approach for understanding the problem statement.

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