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Enhanced Healthcare outcomes & improved lifestyles by leveraging the power of connected devices

Eating well and staying physically active are generally seen as simplest things everybody can do to stay generally healthy. But with lifestyles changing, through urbanisation, longer life expectancy, more demanding professional life, environmental pressures, nutritional changes,.... these simple steps seem harder to realise than ever. Too often recently individuals end up in a ‘care’ context for symptoms or diseases that have a rooting in Lifestyles.

At the interface between lifestyle and data analytics, more and more opportunities are arising to drive positive [preventative] health impact. Whenever we have new means to measure, integrate, analyse and interpret data we take steps towards an integrated personalised lifespan health service. To date, the interface between lifestyle and intervention is largely still empirical, and mostly based on historical and broad based demographic correlations. But is this the most efficient way to make lasting lifestyle impact?

For nearly all individuals and families, health and wellbeing are linked to a very dynamic personal and social context – in realtime. To be able to personalise lasting impact, we need to be able to turn context into measurable, quantifiable and traceable data. New sensor technologies allow to translate ‘feelings’ into a digital profile that can be leveraged to deliver a sustainable impact on the individuals’ health, ideally before any medical symptoms occur.

This session tackles new emerging trends and opportunities in active lifestyles, behaviour, nutrition and supplementation, diagnostics and wearables to maximise anyone’s opportunities and live life to the fullest, longest, healthiest.

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