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EverGreen International (EI) and Budding Innovations (BI) are excited to share that they have entered into a partnership that brings together leading expertise in further developing a launchpad for Chinese Startups coming into Singapore and the SEA region.

Both firms strive to combine their expertise on business expansion and localization, and provide an incubation platform for Chinese Startups expanding from their home market, and/or setting up operations in Singapore. The platform aims to provide end-to-end support for these companies and teams, ranging from talent development, cultural onboarding, to product localization, business operations and compliance.

Singapore Evergreen International Management created a new platform to “discover and cultivate talents who bring innovative ideas and technologies to build start-ups into the Asia market”. Tsinghua X-lab@Singapore will be the platform where both firms will provide the support to the Startups. Tsinghua x-lab is the official incubator of Tsinghua University.

Singapore is a perfect mix of eastern and western culture. The collaboration between EI and BI provides professional consulting services and most up-to-date global information to the innovators and entrepreneurs, which enables them to thrive in Singapore and the region at large. This is the core reason why Singapore has become and remain the top choice for multinational corporations’ headquarters.”, said Joanna Jiao, Founder and CEO of EI.

EI and BI coming together provides the opportunity for rooting more expanding Chinese Startups into Singapore and the SEA region. We consistently see that Startups benefit from having expert localization partners in a new host country.” said Dr. Bert Grobben, CEO from Budding Innovations. “The world continues to become smaller, and for promising companies to be successful they need to expand beyond their initial markets. Even for companies operating in a huge Chinese market, there are numerous opportunities to tackle in other markets.”

Besides working to root businesses in Singapore, both parties aim to also create opportunities for Singaporean companies to explore expansion into China. Creating bi-lateral opportunities is beneficial for business, talent development and unlocking innovation potential. We aspire to bring meaningful new products and services to the market, and create a positive and lasting impact in Singapore, China and the region.

About Evergreen International (

Singapore Evergreen International Management was established in 2011 in Singapore.Its corporate office is located in Singapore, Central Business District, Marina Bay Suites. Its main business operation is to create a platform where the creative entrepreneurs and the international investments meet and able to match. Thus, resulting in providing the best international technology training to all levels of learners.

Evergreen is the Partner of Tsinghua x-lab at Singapore. We duplicate the success of Tsinghua x-lab training Model, Talents incubation models and adapt into the Singapore context, culture and local policies to support the entrepreneurship of the students between China and Singapore, potentially extending to ASEAN. It is a 2 way interaction cooperation of knowledge and content , success sharing, exchange, co-operation in partnership model.

About Budding Innovations (

BI is a Singapore-headquartered horizontally integrated Venture Builder, that focuses on Technology & Product Commercialization by maturing and developing new opportunities towards scalable in-market solutions. It operates on an « Outside-In » and « One-to-Many » Innovation model that enables efficient integration and execution of emerging possibilities across broad technologies and entities.

BI specializes in all product aspects in Deep Tech, and company de-risking based on a Technology and Business Model Due Diligence and the follow through maturation and execution framework. BI is working with leading Fortune 500s and regional multinationals in delivering innovative Brand Portfolios, as well as a wide range of SMEs, start-ups and innovators in predominantly Lifespan Health, Nutrition/Food, Life Science, MedTech and Wellness domains (hereinafter “Industry Verticals”). For Start-ups in particular, BI has core expertise in taking them to full product readiness stage, scale-up, and commercial market launch & expansion. Beyond product development, BI recently launched Nebula™, an apprentice program that focuses on entrepreneurial talent development.

BI brings broad applied talent development & deployment skills to Start-up teams and companies, to support in developing the business plan, and get the companies ahead towards the next fundable stage(s), but also to enable multinational companies to drive more efficient applied Innovation processes. BI has a strong commitment to develop more talent development capabilities to support a growing number of start-ups and deliver increasing innovation productivity among corporate teams.

BI has a strong Singapore foothold, and is expanding its capability, client and start-ups networks into the region. Expansion and technology import/export enables value creation for companies, and talented individuals. BI aims to build close international partnerships to cross fertilize opportunities between innovation ecosystems.

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