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BI Labs powered by JustCo launches in Singapore

Since 2015 Budding Innovations [BI] has been active in the Corporate Innovation and Start-up scene. We’ve steadily built deep networks, expertise and a matching portfolio of clients and capability partners in a space we call “Lifespan Health”. We are passionate about bringing DeepTech enabled solutions to market that allow individuals to live healthier lives, from Cradle to Grave. We’re all about enhancing life, improving lifestyles and moving away from preventable diseases by promoting preventative Healthcare.

We operate across several key industry verticals, on physical DeepTech solutions as well as the Digital world. We build meaningful and impactful solutions within each vertical, and create new opportunities by creating connections across them. We’re doing this in Singapore, in SEA, as well as any other region. We work with big corporates as well as new-born start-ups. We mature the technology, and take a particular interest in developing the people skills of the innovators that will repeat their successes.

Whether you are an online or offline business, you most likely still have a physical space you call "home". Beyond bringing all the skills together to support you in building and scaling your business, we aim to deepen our services stack to also build a better home – and connect yours with that of others so new opportunities are created. Not random connections, but purposefully curated connections so your business actually benefits from them.

BI Labs is our answer. In partnership with JustCo, BI is launching a regionally expandable space where our portfolio companies and clients can come together, and rally behind our Lifespan Health vision. Together with JustCo, we are bringing more opportunities to life as our community grows, and where our clients and start-ups members are embedded with all the expertise and capabilities that need to be accessible to build DeepTech solutions. This Full Stack services model is there to support our ecosystem, and is there for the benefit of every JustCo member.

BI works with clients around the globe, building from its Singaporean roots. Its global and cross-vertical reach drives creativity, and is now enhancing corporate/start-up mobility by facilitation inter-regional expansions and business localisation. BI focusses on Lifespan Health, Wellness, Nutrition/Food, Personal & Family care, Wearables & Diagnostics and MedTech. BI operates inside these verticals, and across them to build the future of Smart Living & Working.

BI Labs is the co-working space where our LifeSpan Health community comes together. Designed to grow businesses exponentially (“B to the power of I”), it is the physical and digital environment where Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, SMEs and Corporates build and scale their businesses, and where new connections are created between industry verticals, and between established and start-up businesses.

BI Labs takes a unique approach to Venture Building; 1) BI Labs gives access to a full stack of capabilities & services for companies to grow exponentially, with a business model that is customizable and has some of our skin in the game too. 2) BI Labs is set up to be a long term “cradle” to “exit” partner because the support it provides moves together with the evolving needs our community members have over time. 3) The community that is coming together is curated to boost new opportunities that sit at the interface between its portfolio members. Our valued community members actively create value for each other.

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