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Business as [Un]usual

Digital tools are an integral part of everyday personal and professional life, but COVID19 has abruptly shown everyone that substantially shifting most if not all of our learning and business activities into the digital world is a tough move to make. The widespread lockdowns have shown us that we miss critical skills to effectively 'live' in a digital world. Even as we start to emerge from restrictions, the world will likely not be the same.

What we learn and adjust now in the face of crisis will have tremendous value in the future, as we will gain key insights and capabilities that will boost our productivity for all interactions that will happen remotely.

(Click image to join Webinar)

In collaboration with Innolab.Asia we are organising a Webinar to guide you on your transition from offline to online learning and innovation. At BI we have been successfully running innovation programs fully digitally. From our point of expertise [and our own hands on learning curve] we will share actionable perspective with you.

  • During this session we will assess, share and practice key aspects of adjusting from a physical "In-Real-Life" space to a fully virtual and digital environment. We will tackle your readiness, your Tech Stack and how to evolve your mindset for optimal progress.

  • Assessing your Digital 'literacy' and readiness & preparedness to adopt virtual environments. This will identify your current profile, but also the baseline to address gaps and opportunities for you. We are all different. We all learn differently

  • Meet your virtual classroom / meeting room. Beyond the basics of a video chat, running interactive processes online involves several new aspects. Anything we do in the real world, we can do in the virtual world

  • The tools & platforms. Get exposed to key services used to create a virtual space. Get acquainted with the tech stack, and learn how to design your own.

  • Adoption and implementation of your Tech Stack.

  • Virtual room etiquette. Learn the techniques and behaviours that make virtual engagements more productive.

  • How to connect your digital space with your physical living/working space.

  • Developing a digital mindset. Dependent on what generation or background you are from, we all have a diverse propensity to leverage digital tools. We'll take you through key considerations and actions to become as effective virtually as you are face-to-face.

  • Managing verbal & Non-verbal communication

  • Creating content suitable for Digital consumption

  • Virtual space design and delivery considerations

  • How to effectively engage and interact on a personal level remotely

  • Adjusting your mindset to be receptive for digital learning

Join our Webinar HERE.

If you have a specific need for support, please reach out to us directly for a discussion on what we can do for you.

See you soon.

Take care - Be safe - Stay Healthy

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