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HiQ Global and Budding Innovations partnership

It is a classic story of the modern age. We have never stood in front of a whiteboard. In fact, we have never been in the same physical space at the same time... thanks #covid19. Although, we have not met in person due to lockdowns around the world, HiQ Global and Budding Innovations Pte. Ltd. managed to forge a strong relationship and create a fantastic program with deep contents - in collaboration with Kwik Look- for innovative ventures seeking to expand to #SoutheastAsia. We are ever grateful that our dear friends Mahimah Ruby Chan and Sabine Wenter introduced us.

What made this possible is our shared belief in value creation and passion for innovation. We are proud to have partners like Adam Juhasz and the folks at Kwik Look. Very much looking forward to working with startups, scale-ups and SMEs in our smart landing program.

The entire team bring infinite creativity and a wealth of innovation expertise to our joint project, HiQ 360º PASS. We could not be more exited about working with HiQ Global.

HiQ 360º PASS was launched earlier this week. We welcome innovative ventures seeking to establish their business and presence in #SoutheastAsia. For more information on the program, reach out to us!

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